Patrick Chopson is the co-founder od the carbon-focused Atlanta-based startup, cove.tool. As the Chief Product Officer, he leads product development for cove.tool, a web-based software for analyzing, drawing, engineering, and connecting data for building design and construction.

A graduate of Georgia Tech with a Masters in High Performance Buildings, he is also a licensed architect with over 18 years of experience. Prior to cove.tool, he ran Pattern r+d, a successful building performance consulting and architecture firm. Multiple publications include Architect Magazine, TechCrunch, Site Selection, ArchDaily, and more.


  • Understand the value of data-driven design.
  • Cove.Tool
    a. Real-time understanding using BIN, Building Information Network.
    b. Connecting technology and the human experience.
    c. Trusted tools and simulations to optimize performance, product selection, design and more.
    d. Consolidate different problems of data translation losses to promote timely decision making without issues.
    e. Databases that link everyone involved on a project to build common understanding and immediate updates.
  • Why the carbon problem is a data problem.
  • Factors that create uncertainty to drive cost increases.
  • Why you need to follow the industries #hashtags.
  • Tips for entrepreneurs and companies to create a detailed career path that champions the work and skills of their employees.
  • 2 things that are going to transform how architects, engineers, contractors, and anybody involved in sustainability find information to make effective choices.
  • AI is going to unlock and transform the industry beyond focusing operational carbon vs embodied.
  • How to leverage new technology to provide a higher level of service.

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