Petinelli coordinates and manages all aspects of the green building process, supporting developers, project teams, builders and owners to identify their objectives, ensuring that the intentions and sustainability parameters are properly executed and that the benefits of sustainable construction are deployed and clearly perceived.

Guido received his LEED Fellow designation in 2018.


  • The World Green Building Council and how to accelerate the transformation of the construction industry towards green practices.
  • Increase building performance by tunneling through the cost barrier to increase productivity and output for every unit of input.
  • Innovation is how we reach higher levels of performance through ample spectrum, efficiency, comfort, wellbeing and environmental impact.
  • Understanding the “Goldilocks situation” when building in the vast climates in Brazil.
  • Guido shares his expertise with building in environmental conditions perfect for exploring and experimenting projects.
  • Help your clients with large portfolios, retail portfolios, the schools, financial institutions scale up and reach their goals much sooner than 2030.
  • Understanding the differences in green building expectations, innovations, architects, engineers and consulting work in Latin America vs the US to drive the sustainability conversation.
  • One of the hard to reach sectors for net zero or net positive for regenerative is the real estate market.
  • And now we’re seeing discussions around it and the idea of developing both the technical solutions, but also the business models around it.
  • The advancement of energy efficiency, water, health, wellbeing and waste depends on the data.

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