Angelica M. Ospina Alvarado is a LEED Fellow with over 15 years of experience and is deeply passionate about contributing to our planet. Angelica has been a forefront leader of the adoption of green building, and integrative design practices in Colombia. Her strategic thinking, technical rigor, and integrative approach have brought together the work of government, academia, industry, and professional associations to advance the field. She is one of the founding members of the Colombia Green Building Council where she has volunteered her knowledge and experience since its foundation, currently, she is the Technical Director of the Council. Angelica is a part-time professor in the civil engineering master’s program at Universidad de los Andes, in the field of construction engineering and management.

Show Highlights

  • Understand how to include natural ventilation and different simulations to support the needs of the region. 
  • Moving topics that have a huge impact on public policy. 
  • Comparing LEED to the various rating systems used in the region.
    1. EDGE’s great impact on the social and housing sector.
    2. CASA Colombia supports the residential sector
    3. ARC influence on reporting energy consumption
  • The difficulties of building for a climate lower energy consumption.
  • A roadmap for Columbia’s goals to meet the demands of new buildings and existing buildings as the country develops. 
  • Sustainable construction is growing faster in the region with incentives and influence from the economic perspective.
  • Decarbonization hurdles Columbia faces.
  • The broader scope of urban development focuses on building green communities.

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