Geoffrey Brock, LEED Fellow, Director of Sustainability at IPS, has more than 15 years of experience in the AEC industry with roles in both sustainability and project management. He has supported dozens of LEED and WELL projects in the life sciences, healthcare and other industries. He also oversaw project and portfolio scale collection of energy, water and waste, including research and piloting of various reduction strategies and cost-benefit analysis. To complement his work experience, he received a Master of Science, Environmental Systems Management from the Pratt Institute.

As Director of Sustainability, Mr. Brock will support clients’ sustainability initiatives. He focuses on implementing strategies early in design, leveraging site-specific opportunities to incorporate elements that will have the greatest lasting value, not only for the environment but for future occupants and the greater community.

Geoffrey’s background in project management, environmental management, and health and wellbeing positions him to maximize opportunities to create high-quality, Sustainable design & construction of resilient, efficient and healthy buildings with strong consideration for social and environmental impacts. Focus on Sustainable Urbanism, promoting Mixed-Use & Transit-Oriented Development, Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure, Reduction of Energy, Water and Waste and Environmental Management.

Academic background in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Studies, Environmental Management and Real Estate Development.


  • Project management and scheduling/estimating will create a well-rounded experience when pursuing project manager or superintendent positions in construction, Geoff’s early career.
  • Benchmarking laws and initiatives driving the industry in the Northeast.
  • Technology improvements with one of the most important changes needed in the industry to produce coefficient and performance at lower temperatures.
  • Cutting edge startups that are tackling what we can do with something other than fossil fuels.
  • Challenges companies, especially construction companies are facing to achieve their goal to be net zero or reduction by a certain year.
  • Available technology being readily available will drive the success of green building.
  • Something that we take for granted after being in the industry a while and tips to turn that into a win.

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