This is a special episode of the Green Building Matters podcast. We started a tradition around the end of January each year, in part because that’s my (Charlie’s) birthday, January 27th, it’s a great time to look back and then predict ahead. 
My team asked me to reflect on 2023 and then to walk through some things that I’m excited about for 2024 in this Green Building Movement. And, in general, share some encouragement with all of you, our loyal listeners.
First, thank you for listening to the Green Building Matters podcast. Some of you have been listening for years. It’s just amazing!
The GBM Podcast has over 300 episodes! I have a fun job, as a green building specialist, a trainer, an educator, a consultant, and as a green building entrepreneur, to set aside a little time each week to interview someone that’s really made a difference in this movement.
Some guests are early in their career, some are “O.G.” and really helped write the book on LEED. Some have been the first to do green building work in their entire country and I’ve just made a lot of friends literally all over the world through this podcast. I’m grateful that this podcast continues to have momentum.
Thank you to our podcast production team. A special shout out to Carla, Danny, Dragan, and Christina for keeping the Green Building Podcast humming.
We’re gonna really grow the Green Building Matters brand in 2024 – stay tuned for more content in new formats, as well.


  • Charlie reflects on 2023
  • Charlie’s predictions for 2024
    a. Mandates moving the industry towards net zero energy buildings.
    b. Biophilia to circular design is getting a push
    c. Smart buildings, IOT and AI
    d. Adaptive reuse and conversions
    i. Office buildings Repurpose
    ii. Multifamily conversion
    iii. The office to life science conversion
  • What to expect from LEED v5
  • Updates from SIG, Sustainable Investment Group, Green Building Consulting Engineering, Blue Ocean Sustainability, and ESG.
  • AI tools to support your designs (Skema AI tool for architects and developers).

Get the episode transcript here!!


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