Monte Hilleman, comes to us as an expert in the green building industry with over 25 years of experience and a strong reputation for credible and authentic urban development that maintains the vitality and sustainability of urban spaces. Monte has built his legacy at the forefront of developing and advancing ESG goals to create social, ecological and economic transformation.
Monte’s leadership and experience in equitable economic and community development, including real estate transactions and finance, renewable energy infrastructure, workforce development, and sustainable urban design and development, is leading the industry towards a regenerative and equitable future.


  • The importance of environmental justice, successful redevelopment projects and the development of net zero energy buildings.
  • Monte talks about his role in Climate Investment Solutions and offers advice for those interested in a career in sustainability.
  • The need to understand the broader ecosystem of sustainability encourages individuals to find ways to make a big impact.
  • Both the ease and difficulty of implementing green and sustainable practices in his region and Minnesota’s long track record of being a pioneer in a lot of environmental policy.
  • Understanding the different versions of the LEED program, such as LEED for Neighborhood Development and LEED for Cities and Communities.
  • ‘Green pro formas’ and utilizing tools for reviewing projects and associated incentives.
  • Broad-based exposure and finding the biggest lever to create impact in a mission-driven field.
  • Strategies for achieving sustainability goals within a limited timeframe.

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