Paige Tisdale is currently the vice president for the IFMA, Portland Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter. Paige also is in a Business Development role for Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping. She has a greater affinity for plants than those around her. She learned (and now teaches) the benefits that plants give to us Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Subconsciously. These multiple angles have grown her passion for enhancing our environments indoors and out through moss art, living walls, green roofs, and more.

Office spaces need to attract and retain top talent, help mental health issues, and make people feel awesome. She works with designers, architects, and facilities teams to help bring nature into the office.
She is an Ambassador for plants everywhere, and will continue to share in whatever way people will listen.

Paige loves interacting with and helping others. She loves building long lasting and meaningful relationships, and has proved that honesty and transparency go a long way in forging these connections.

Getting to share her passion and see other people enjoy the end results of her work, grow relationships, and become a trusted partner, rather than ‘just another supplier’ is very important to her.


  • Tips encouraging sustainability by incorporating greenery in design for all commercial services with varying environments.
  • Paige’s company can help develop and design for all commercial services and multi-tenant buildings to increase aesthetic and knowledge.
  • The Oregon State Treasury Building is one of the first buildings of its kind in the nation as a resiliency building that will withstand any disaster.
  • Understanding the benefits and difference in designing with moss art walls vs Living Wall in Biophilic design.
  • Benefits of IFMA, the facility manager’s trade organization.
  • Green Plants For Green Buildings is a national organization trying to bridge the gap between architects, designers and interior landscapers.
    a. Research and education on why greenery is important for our wellness in our built environment.
    b. CEU courses to support your credentials.
    c. Connection to Biophilic design, Fitwel, the WELL Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge.
  • Tips for how architects can coordinate and collaborate with interior landscapers to select products and materials that support the foundation and design of buildings.
  • Help companies with their brand image by creating better wellness rooms or lounge spaces to increase productivity.

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