Cynthia Adams is the founder of nonprofit and for-profit businesses, her focus has consistently been on growing the cleantech industry. She raised grant and investor funding, developed products from the first discovery interview to sale, hired great teams to execute on the vision, and won a leadership award at a national conference.

Her current company, Pearl Certification, is transforming the US housing market by changing the way we build, improve, and sell homes. Pearl drives demand for energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies by helping homeowners recoup the value of these investments at resale. Pearl sits at the intersection of new build, home improvement, real estate, utility, and home insurance markets. Our certification system and software platform enable an ecosystem of quality professionals to differentiate by making the value of their work visible.

Show Highlights

  • Pearl Certification features to benefit sustainability
    1. Real estate agent division that is transforming the US housing market.
    2. Contractors and new construction division focusing on industry partnerships and business development. 
    3. Public-private relationships division to create programs, and utilities for states and localities to meet their carbon emissions goals.
    4. Certification, appraisal addendum, and other documentation to help different stakeholders improve investments.
    5. Software to promote technology solutions for data discrepancy. 
    6. The Green Doors App to engage and create a customized investment plan. 
  • Tips on how to account for the community when implementing your projects to ensure they contribute to the community and not harm. 
  • It is vital to educate homeowners on electrification to impact decarbonization.
  • Construction practices and startups suggest you need to consider.
  • Tips for entrepreneurs to take risks that will impact the movement.
  • Understanding the connection to the ecosystem from new construction, public entity,  utility, contractor, and the homeowner.

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