For today’s GBM Podcast, we want to talk about conferences. Let’s talk about, in particular, two AEC conferences, our host, Charlie Cichetti, attended in June 2023. We’ll also share some networking best practices while you’re at your own conferences.

One of the first conferences our team attended was at the very beginning of June, and the AIA Conference this year was in San Francisco. There were about 15,000 attendees!

Another conference our technology team attended was NXT BLD / NXT DEV in London on June 20th & 21st, hosted by AEC Magazine, with about 500 attendees. It was really unique to be in one room where you had architects, tech startups, journalists, and investors – all collaborating and talking about the future of design & construction including AI and data.

Show Highlights

  • Top 5 Tips on how to get the most out of networking at a conference.
  • AIA Conference: San Francisco
    • Preparation for architects coming to this conference
    • Explore technology, materials, and service providers that support the industry
    • Top 10 greenest projects from 2023’s AIA COTE awards
  • NXT BLD + DEV in London
    • Sessions on the future of design and architecture. 
    • AI, data sharing are accelerating our industry.

Get the episode transcript here!!


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