Sengavi Thirupathy is the Senior Decarbonization Analyst responsible for managing project progress and deadlines, facilitating team meetings, and assisting the Associate Director of the Decarbonization team. Additionally, she serves as the QA QC lead for Energy Modeling scopes, the energy modeling training lead for the Decarbonization department, and the Decarbonization lead participating in the VIM initiative.

Sengavi graduated from Anna University, Chennai, India in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering and completed her Master’s in Engineering in Energy Systems from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Previously, Sengavi has worked on over 10 Net zero energy building designs and modeling and 3 Net zero carbon projects. Sengavi has worked in various sectors such as medical office buildings, schools, and animal houses, semiconductor manufacturing units, multifamily residential buildings, automobile manufacturing buildings, data centers, and office buildings. Sengavi has worked on Energy Audits, Utility incentive program management, and grid carbon assessments as well.

Show Highlights

  • A senior decarbonization analyst shares everything you need to know about decarbonization energy modeling, high-performance buildings, and so much more.
  • Working with the mandates surrounding energy efficiency and energy modeling for green building. 
  • How to successfully shift your majors to work with your passion.  Sengavi shares her successful shift from chemical engineering to complete energy systems in the civil and architecture test side.
  • High-level tips on what really affects an energy model. 
  • Useful tools like IES, Energy Plus, Energy Pro, and eQuest to learn the ecosystem is an open source to use for energy modeling.
  • Include passive strategies in your design, construction, or existing buildings to reduce the need to bring in energy.
  • Adaptability and grid harmonization will drive all of the design in the future. 
  • Understanding the challenges with existing buildings vs. new construction in energy modeling.

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