Tom Liebel is an FAIA, LEED Fellow is the Vice President of Moseley Architects, where Tom has been involved in integrating sustainable design principles into a variety of ground-breaking adaptive use and historic preservation projects over the past twenty years, with these projects recognized with multiple awards for design, smart growth, sustainable design, and historic preservation.

Tom is involved in ongoing research exploring the relationship between sustainability, preservation, and urban design, with a particular emphasis on the use of urban adaptive use projects to promote neighborhood revitalization and civic engagement.

Tom served two terms as Chair of the Maryland Green Building Council, served on the Maryland Advisory Council for Historic Preservation, Chairs Baltimore City’s Commission on Historical and Architectural Preservation, and served as a Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative on the American Institute of Architect’s Strategic Council, serving as the 2020 Moderator.


Historic Preservation/Adaptive Use

Sustainable and Resilient Design

Affordable Housing

Innovation/Visioning/Implementation Strategies

Show Highlights

  • The technical rigor of the sciences and the blending of creativity in the industry.
  • Green architecture particularly focuses on sustainable preservation, affordable housing, and how to build sustainable communities.
  • Blending adaptive reuse with historic typology to drive sustainable building.
  • Moseley Architects’ ability to understand the unique challenges that sustainable building presents and ways to innovate.
  • Rediscover low-energy approaches toward design by tapping into the past. 
  • Tom breaks down understanding resilience into three buckets, natural, technical, and social.
  • Interact with the best and brightest in the profession by involvement with trade organizations like AIA.
  • The first approach is thoughtful designing down to the minimum load using basic principles of orientation, lighting, natural ventilation, and bolting on modest technology to solve a modest energy demand. 

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