Adam Stark  is the Co-Founder | Wellness Author | Special Forces Veteran | NYU MBA | Endurance Athlete | Photographer & Artist | 500HR Yoga Trainer | Meditation & Mindfulness Coach | Conscious Leader

Coming from the RE development industry, he and his Co-Founder initially built Jet for themselves- to manage the portfolio of projects and assets at the companies they worked for. As they evolved the Jet.Build product, they began sharing the Jet solution with our network of builders. Long story short, today, Jet.Build is a Real Estate Developers, General Contractors, and Operators cloud-based Command Center.

Jet is servicing a clientele of national builders: from pre-con to project closeout, and through real estate management.

Adam is a Business Operations leader with 12+ years of experience leading and executing strategic planning for high-complexity projects and organizations. Collaborative team leader and experienced negotiator capable of stewarding both growth- and efficiency-focused change management initiatives across various business functions. Special Forces veteran who excels at navigating crises calmly whilst building partnerships and consensus among internal, external, and C-Suite stakeholders.

Show Highlights

  • The school of hard knocks is a great way to learn the necessities of the industry. 
  • Tips to collaborate and communicate with a lot of different people, with a lot of different companies.
  • Understanding the collaborative nature of building a project, the design element, and then having that literal tangible outcome. 
  • Translatable skills from the military to construction sites. 
  • Jet Build’s Command Center management tool for efficiency and simplicity in 3 clicks
    • reduces the amount of administrative tasks with a central hub.
    • support roles of multi-company stakeholders on the real estate and construction side. 
    • essential tech stack for companies.
    • assist in creating an ecosystem.
    • reduce waste for the lifecycle of an asset
  • Tech-enabled teams to move past the “friction point.”
  • Utilizing software can really help every green building project.

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