Andres Prera is a LEED Fellow.  He has worked in a sustainable architecture firm in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2003, he became one of the first in Latin America to gain LEED AP credentials. Upon his return to Guatemala, Andres co-founded ENVIRO. The firm specializes in green design, project management, and sustainability consulting. Since 2004, Andres has worked to promote and provoke change in the building industry towards a sustainable future for the country and the region, now working in several countries. In 2006, Andres earned his Masters of Urban Management degree from the Technical University in Berlin. In 2010, a small group of professionals from different sectors in the industry got together and founded the Guatemala Green Building Council, and AndrÃes became the first president of the Guatemala GBC.

Show Highlights

  • Green design mixing biology, nature, and architecture.
  • Tips to show the industry it doesn’t have to be more expensive but makes more sense when building in different regions. 
  • Understanding what goes into LEED and LEED Ebom projects in the Guatemala region. 
  • Push towards regenerative buildings, biochromatic design, and Bioclimatic architecture. 
  • Create great performance and sustainable buildings while being climate responsive. 
  • The logic in having a Biophilic design in every build and design. 
  • Create value in the business and services you promote to select products that fully support healthy living. 


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