Chris Kaiser is the VP of Business Operations at Sona Energy in Atlanta, GA. He’s been a student of sustainability and uses his position to implement sustainable solutions for the clients he works with. His focus is defining, designing, and delivering clean energy solutions ranging from EV Charging, LED lighting and controls, and Solar PV & Microgrid.

Most companies today talk about the importance of sustainability, but Chris focuses on how do they actually make it happen?

As a people-facing engineer, he uses his passion for minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency to help clients define and execute their sustainability goals. Creating change at an industrial level has broad, positive impacts that help him create a better Earth for his children.


  • Chris shares all things energy, decarbonization, and EV charging.
  • The three pillars of clean energy.
  • Legislation and incentives to fund the technology and address mandates.
  • The breakdown and pro tips on EVcharging, the different levels and recommendations for businesses.
  • Understand the technical realities, grid stability and what it’s gonna take to balance electricity.
  • What is needed to move the needle in the industry to avoid greenwashing and create a more sustainable future with clean energy infrastructure.
  • Clean energy boards and continuing to drive the clean energy space forward.
  • Understanding how to convince decision makers to find and address pain points.

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