Keith Fine is a Principal at SLAM and serves as the Management Lead, for the Los Angeles Studio as well as the Director of Innovation for the firm nationally. Keith combines his unique experiences including construction, technical design, leadership passions for both design and innovation from a unique perspective. 

Keith approaches all challenges with a strong team-building focus that leverages the very best from those around him. Through these networked relationships and exposures, Keith has a unique skill at understanding the interconnected nature of seemingly disparate technologies and cultivating the development of new and innovative solutions.


  • Working with progressive clients concerned about the climate.
  • Let nature inspire and define the character of the project to bring sustainable thinking to do the greater good.
  • SLAM focuses on bringing creativity and design to enrich lives.
  • Innovative projects and tools to keep an eye on in the industry.
  • Understanding how much waste you have when things are kind of brute forced out in the field.
  • Keith shares two big themes for sustainability and the green building movement.
  • There’s not enough connected data between firms and tools to start to move it to the next level.
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs-17)
  • Moving towards a marketplace of digital assets with higher performance selection standards moving towards an ecosystem where you get the data upfront.

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