Silas Mahner is working for NextWave to help advance the world to a cleaner future. He is passionate about Talent Attraction & Retention as well as Sustainability and the Circular Economy. At NextWave, he is helping shape the future of Talent Attraction & Retention and ESG & Sustainability. Silas is also a podcast host: “Cleantechies.” 

He has three primary remits:
  • Leading the North American ESG, CleanTech, and Sustainability Recruitment Practice
  • Helping develop and expand our Channel Partnerships
  • Supporting Global Marketing Strategy and Initiatives


  • Career advice to help everyone navigate their green careers
  • Learn the number one asset in business to be a good partner.
  • NextWave recruitment consultancy
    a. Climate tech, ESG headhunter and certified B Corp
    b. Help companies find particular technical talent.
    c. Serve renewables, climate and sustainability around the world.
    d. Build entire teams working with funds, and then following the money into their portfolio companies.
  • There’s one principle Silas has to help the green building industry understand about their applicants and specific skill sets.
  • Understanding the segmentation and nuanced specialties inside of companies.
  • Tips to help you shine among other applicants to get an interview.
  • Breaking down the nuances and specialized future of a green building.

Get the episode transcript here!!


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