Charlie Cichetti, CEO, LEED Fellow and WELL AP, is one of the leaders in the green building industry. He’s built a career around green building services/education/and technology, and has co-founded multiple companies that hold sustainability leadership as core values.

His career has evolved from a strong construction background, to real estate, to early LEED expertise, to starting his own business, to buying a business, and now to co-founding two technology companies – all in the built environment.

ESG | Decarbonization | ClimateTech | EdTech | LEED

Charlie is invested in the success of the green building industry. He works with people and buildings around the world to create the highest level of sustainability possible.


  • Current Trends and a glimpse to the future for programs and rating systems around resiliency for the industry.
  • The Past 10 Episodes you should check out

* Episode 298: Alvis Yuen, head of ESG Real Estate for Bain Capital.

* Episode 297: Silas Mahner with NextWave to help advance the world to a cleaner future.

* Episode 296: Keith Fine the Principal at SLAM for an in depth conversation on innovation and AI.

* Episode 295: Tucker Perkins with PERC for a conversation on Propane Education and Research Act.

* Episode 294: Isela Rosales is the Managing Director, Head of ESG & Sustainability at Bridge Investment Group, a leading $50 billion investment portfolio.

Charlie’s Playlist of 8 episodes to check out on GBES Podcast

  • Episode 48: Maria Perez, LEED Fellow at Gensler .
  • Episode 37: Vivian Loftus and the amazing work she’s doing at Carnegie Mellon.
  • Episode 57: A Wild Conversation with Jason Twill.
  • Episode 172: Drew Shula, a social entrepreneur focused on building up our green building consulting firms.
  • Episode: Emmanuel Powells, who is a living Future hero.
  • Episode 180: Peter Templeton, the current CEO of the US Green Building Council.
  • Episode 224: A live podcast interview in Munich, Germany last year.
  • Episode 287: The Founding Father of LEED Rob Watson.
  • Inspirational Projects to check out
    Companies are focused on climate risk and opportunities to support the CDP framework.

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Charlie’s Podcast Playlist

Inspirational Projects

Cal Guerxo

Show Notes

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