David Douek, LEED Fellow, is the director of OTEC, since its foundation in 2007. He has dedicated himself to building one of the leading consulting and service providers for the real estate, design, construction, properties management, energy efficiency and sustainability markets. Together with OTEC’s team he has worked with companies such as: Coca Cola, P&G, GE, GM, Siemens, Deloitte, Brookfield, Hines, Cyrela, Prologis, Santander, Bndes, USP, GLP and others of the same importance, always helping them achieve their goals.

His academic background is in business, architecture, engineering, real estate, data science and sustainability. In addition to this, he has gained valuable international experience which has helped me develop foreign businesses such as DesignBuilder software in Brazil.


  • The main difference between the American and the Brazilian market in building design and construction procedures.
  • The transformation of WELL and the introduction of a variety of WELL certifications and programs to adopt post pandemic.
  • OTEC consulting firm believes that to improve the quality of the buildings, we have to understand what they represent for the market.
  • David further shares:
    a. his company’s achievements and contributions to the green building industry.
    b. how to pinpoint what the challenges are.
    c. how to help the clients increase their performance towards a concrete and a reasonable goal.
    d. why a designer, contractor, a developer, has to incorporate sustainability within the process.
    e. how to drive the market towards IGO.
  • Why wellness is important, but should be incorporated in a much larger perspective.
  • The balance is in understanding that technologies and finances have to work together.
  • Tips to help whoever’s interested in understanding what their ESG strategy should be regarding their facilities.

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