Amy Pastor, LEED Fellow, PE, CxA, ENV SP is the Vice President of Sustainability at EXP. She leads a nationwide team of commissioning and sustainability professionals who deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for their clients in various sectors. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, she has a proven track record of managing complex projects, achieving energy savings, and certifying green buildings.
Amy takes immense pride in building better, including lasting relationships with clients and quality, sustainable buildings, without surrendering the integrity of the design. She has personally worked on 210 LEED Certified projects. She is based in Sanford, Florida and has her Bachelor and Master Engineering degrees from Penn State University.
She holds multiple credentials that demonstrate my expertise and commitment to sustainability, such as Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA), Professional Engineer (PE), and LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP). She is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others, through public speaking, educational courses, and community involvement. Her mission is to advance the sustainability agenda and create positive impacts for the environment and society.


  • Amy shares her expertise on PE commissioning Authority, and unique credentials and licenses
    * PE, Professional Engineering License.
    * CXA, Commissioning Authority.
    * EMVSP, sustainable infrastructure credential.
  • Envision Certification is a highly sought after rating system for larger projects and infrastructure system impact.
  • Collegiate programs for an architectural engineering degree focused on the engineering side for building specifically to set you up for career success.
  • The benefits of putting “boots on the ground” to coordinate all the disciplines from the engineering side.
  • Sustainability at EXP’s core mission, vision, and why they will always be a private company.
  • Electrification Education, building and design challenges and how to map out pathways to electrify.
    * The essential conversation you need to have about the grid and efficiency roles. You can’t just flip the switch.
    * Determining how each market sector, how each industry is responding to that transition to electrification.
    * Retrofit vs new build requirements.
    * Evaluating utility provider, space, equipment and technology needed.
    * The biggest challenge the industry is facing.

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