Eddy Santosa, is a LEED Fellow and a global leader in the delivery of sustainable building strategies and design, with over 24 years of experience including delivering high-performance sustainable design on over 300 building projects across the U.S. and globally.
He has been recognized for his global industry leadership by the USGBC where he has been appointed as a LEED Fellow, the highest level of recognition in the global sustainability sector. Eddy provides technical leadership to a number of nationally and globally significant professional bodies, including as the leader of the AIA National Building Performance Knowledge Community, the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) US as a board director, and a voting member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) SPC 209-2018R committee.
He has served on the USGBC Energy & Atmosphere Technical Advisory Group specifically related to guidelines within version 4.1 of the LEED rating system. Eddy has published many articles on the topic of energy performance, building science, and sustainability as well as spoke at many conferences on the same topics.


  • Discussion on climate and nature-based design for LEED.
  • Building science, quantitative measures, and how you can explain sustainability using a common metric and language.
  • Design each phase effectively early on for a meaningful whole-building design.
  • Tips to stay ahead of the LEED requirements for clients in different cities/regions.
  • The 3 D’s that are the future of a built environment.
  • Using digitalization to assist you to achieve the goal.
  • Trends to help with the critical data needed for projects.

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