Michael Beckerman, is is a leader in the commercial real estate technology and sustainability sectors. He entered these sectors in 2012 after a 25-year career in commercial real estate media relations, in which he started and built Beckerman Public Relations into one of the largest firms in the country before eventually selling the agency.
Michael now serves as CEO of CREtech, the largest conference company devoted to technology and sustainability in the Built World.
Michael also hosts the CREtech Climate Cast, a podcast series devoted to educating, inspiring, and leading the built environment to invest and adopt climate technologies and embrace sustainability. Tune in to in-depth conversations with the leading real estate and tech innovators from across the globe.


  • Technology in the built environment that embraces the marketplace of the built environment.
  • The overall umbrella and difference between PropTech vs Climate Tech vs Construction Tech.
  • The industry has to adapt to be a customer-centric hospitality space in office spaces and residential.
  • Fragmentation in the tech sector created gaps in infrastructure for companies.
  • Every building is a snowflake in need of technology tools to decarbonize and create building efficiency.
  • Focus on climate risk mitigation, in the real estate industry, but also for the homeowner/consumer.
  • Do your due diligence on AI. It’s the wild, wild, west.

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