Monique Allen, is CEO and Creative Director of The Garden Continuum, a landscaping design company that brings the principles of regenerative agriculture to ornamental gardening. The central work of The Garden Continuum is to create outdoor living spaces, both public and private, that draw people out into those spaces and begin to build that reconnection with nature.

Monique’s approach infuses life back into systems and landscapes that have been abused by degenerative practices.

Through regenerative gardening, Monique breathes new life into the soil, and through her personalized landscape business coaching she helps clients build a high-integrity business reflecting care for the entire earth community. Check out her book, Stop Landscaping, Start Lifescaping. 


  • The garden continuum and understanding regenerative business and the landscape movement.
  • Jumpstart ecosystems and create an energetic loop on projects.
  • Understanding the conundrum of care to create longevity and not just sustainable.
  • Monique shares how to partner with mother nature on projects.
  • Match your work with clients and people who are already invested emotionally, mentally, financially in what you do.
  • The built environment needs to embrace creating “healthy sites” and not just regenerative spaces.
  • Approach landscaping differently with a “codify” tool to help you stop landscaping and start life.
  • Know the difference in a landscape as something pretty to look at, compared with “Life-Scapeing,” a space you interact with nature in.

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