Brittany Storm, LEED Fellow, is a LEED Fellow with LEED AP specialties in BD+C and ID+C. She is also WELL AP, FItwel Ambassador, as well as USGBC and IWBI Faculty.

She has extensive experience in the sustainable building industry and over 15 years of experience working on projects seeking various green building certifications including LEED, the WELL Building Standard, and the Living Building Challenge. Her professional background allows her to speak to audiences about both big picture and technical aspects of a green building project. Recognized as a thought leader, Brittany has a depth and breadth of technical expertise in the areas of healthy, sustainable construction materials, green building standards and rating systems, and sustainable manufacturing.

Brittany has directed numerous projects and managed the development of sustainability guidelines for a wide range of industry associations and green building standards. Brittany has consulted on more than 150 buildings with experience working with many different building types, including office buildings, tenant spaces, hotels, retail, warehouse and distribution centers, multifamily properties and public order and safety buildings. Brittany has also developed 2 LEED volume prototypes and has certified many LEED volume projects, representing over 2 million square feet and counting.

In her role as a sustainable building consultant, she advocates for healthy, sustainable building materials and construction practices. As a sustainable consultant to manufacturers, Brittany influences the identification and implementation of sustainable alternatives to manufacturers’ products and processes. She advocates including manufacturers as part of the project team in order to select products that best meet the project’s budget, performance, aesthetic, and sustainability needs.

Using her background in construction, Brittany offers a technical approach to problem solving and finding the best product(s) for each project team’s sustainability goals. From advocating for healthy materials to developing critical industry content for healthy materials, she exemplifies leadership in transforming the design and construction industry.

She is active on many sustainability committees including LEED’s Materials and Resources (MR) Technical Advisory Group (TAG), mindful MATERIALS, and several industry trade associations.


  • Manufacturer engagement needs to evolve to create a better understanding of what goes into their products, how their products impact human health and the environment.
  • Brittany’s shares how to help develop your career and the many sides of sustainability.
  • Proactive wellness is much more than green cleaning and the air quality.
  • Florida Green Building Coalition certification similar to LEED.
  • A prototype to simplify and streamline the LEED certification process to address the actual volume of projects and client’s needs.
  • Shift the demand and responsibility away from architects and contractors to educate clients on decarbonization.
  • Avoid panic mode thinking to achieve LEED certification in the initial planning stages.
  • Design a healthy space by selecting building materials that impact wellbeing, ecosystems, environments that are diverse, equitable, and cohesive.

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